Theme: Future of Work

The primary objective of the project is to create a permanent knowledge interlocutor where parties with the stake in the debate on the future of work can engage in a constructive dialogue, exchange views, negotiate positions, and propose new solutions

We are addressing the timely Future of Work topics in order to inspire policy discussions on the European level

access to social protection

The objective of this work stream is to address issues related to access to social protection, specifically in light of the current crisis and post-COVID management.

Workers' representation

The objective of this work stream is to assess the need for representation for workers in diverse forms of work.


This work stream encompasses topics related to skills development and their utilisation in the digital world as well as funding schemes that can be appropriated.

algorithmic transparency

The objective of this work stream is to address ethical/social issues related to the use of algorithms and technology in the business model of platform companies.

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Project partners

Project partners are micro businesses, SMEs, incumbent firms, labour unions, research organizations, advocacy groups and associations that have stakes, knowledge or expertise on the future of work debate. The project is a collaborative effort whereby corporate partners contribute financially and knowledge partners contribute in-kind.