About the project

The primary objective of the ‘Future of Work Project’ is to create a permanent knowledge interlocutor where parties with stakes in the debate on the future of work can engage in constructive dialogue, exchange views, negotiate positions, and propose new solutions.

The project is a collaborative effort that gathers incumbent players, scale ups, start-ups, researcher institutes, labour unions, advocacy groups and independent experts to discuss timely issues related to the future of work.

The project strives to provide a platform for discussion and in this way inspire policy discussions on the European level. It is committed to engaging a diverse set of stakeholders, especially marginalized groups (e.g. workers’ associations) and micro-businesses, which are often left out of important debates that concern their lives and livelihoods. 

Currently in its second phase, the project aims to publish a report (due in January 2022), outlining key issues in regards to 1) Access to social protection, 2) Workers’ representation, 3) Algorithmic transparency and 4) Re-skilling, Up-skilling and Micro-credentials (find out more about the work streams here). In this second stage of the project, we will also organize a flagship event – Future of Work conference – gathering key constituents on the topic of diverse (new) forms of employment. 

See the project timeline and history here.

See the topics we are currently discussing here.

Project partners

Project partners are micro businesses, SMEs, incumbent firms, labour unions, research organizations, advocacy groups and associations that have stakes, knowledge or expertise on the future of work debate. The project is a collaborative effort whereby corporate partners contribute financially and knowledge partners contribute in-kind.